Friday, January 24, 2014

"Merchant of Venice" Passage Analysis

Performance Final for The Merchant of Venice: 3.3.1-39 Antonio Hear me yet, good contribute shark ... I pray thee, hear me speak ... let him alone. Ill follow him no more with bootless prayers. He seeks my life. His lawsuit I well know: I often times delivered from his forfeitures umteen that have at generation made let out to me. and then he hates me. ... The Duke arsenot turn away the course of law, For the good that strangers have With us in Venice, if it be denied, Will often impeach the justice of the state, Since that the dispense and profit of the metropolis Consisteth of all(prenominal) nations. and so go. These griefs and losses have so bated me That I shall just now spare a buffeting of flesh tomorrow to my flaming(a) creditor. Well, jailer, on. Pray God Bassanio come To see me catch up with his debt, and then I care not. 2. Translation: Please perplexity to me, good Shylock ... I beg of you, hear me bug out ... Leave him alone. I wont pursue him with senseless pleas any longer. He wants me dead. I know whyI know it very well: There were many times at which I relieved the debts Of those who could not pay their loans to him and came to me pastime help. For this, he despises me. ... The Duke cannot discredit the law, Because the benefit that foreigners Bring to our city Venice, if we discard that, Then we are only cheating ourselves, Since the prosperity of the city Comes from all races. So go. Ive lost so much(prenominal) weight, be eaten away, worrying over all this madness, That I get out scarcely be able to supply a tucker of flesh Tomorrow to my hostile and detestable collector. Okay, jailer, lets go. I intrust to God that Bassanio will be thither To watch me sacrifice my let self for his debt. I preceptort care what happens later on that. What I versed: Shakespeare was very wise and precise in choosing his row. Paraphrasing his words can be mightily difficul t, because his choice of words and structur! e of vocabulary are extremely different than what intimately including myself are use to....If you want to get a full essay, aver it on our website:

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