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Renaissance Music Verses Medieval free essay sample

The music of the Renaissance and Medieval periods was shaped by its culture in the way that the music expresses what is going on around them. For example in the medieval period people lives were shaped around the church and therefore their music was also. You have the Gregorian chant, which was named after the Pope St. Gregory the Great and then you have all of the songs, which follow the order of mass. You also have the Christmas carol There is no Rose Today that came out of this era also. The Renaissance period was a time of enlightenment and with that came the invention of the printing press and that helped print the music faster and get it to another part of Europe faster. At this time composers actually found work outside of the church and were able to expand on the type of music they composed. The music that we have today is shaped by the culture that we live in because most of the composers today write about their own lives. We will write a custom essay sample on Renaissance Music Verses Medieval or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Take Rap music most of the rappers are writing song about how they didn’t have anything as children and as teenager so they had to rob and steel to make a living. They also write about sex and drugs and how it makes them feel. The young people who listen and watch these music videos look at all the money they have and the lives that they lead and they try to go out and do the same so they can have that life also. I think that it certainly does play a role in shaping our culture and society because it is not only something for us to listen to but it helps us with many human emotions. It also helps us understand not only our culture but others as well especially in the time that we live in today. When you go out to dance clubs now and days you don’t only hear music from this culture but others. It’s opened our eyes and shown us that different isn’t necessarily bad. We also have a lot of mixed families and people who are not only of one make ground but many. This has helped us take different cultures music and integrate it to come up with something different in music. Like the music of today the music of the troubaclors was shaped by the times that they lived in and the culture and society. They wrote music to please the people to whom they were performing for. They also traveled like musician today to different parts of the country to perform their music. They were like the pop stars of the medieval period. Their music was like pop music today the music was up beat and made people want to dance.

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An Inspector Calls, how does Priestly resent the character of Goole Essays

An Inspector Calls, how does Priestly resent the character of Goole Essays An Inspector Calls, how does Priestly resent the character of Goole Paper An Inspector Calls, how does Priestly resent the character of Goole Paper youre quite wrong to believe I will regret what I did I was perfectly justified in advising the committee not to allow her claim for assistance I accept no blame for it at all. This shows that she is getting sharp with the inspector we can see this by how she says I accept no blame for it at all. This shows how heartless she is she said that also to protect her reputation on the board of the charity because this is an important factor in her life. Mrs. Birling seems to know little about her family, and their habits she finds out this when the inspector informs them that the baby she was carrying was Erics so the inspectors visit has gave her a lot of information on her own family, this shows she didnt know her own family too well because she was too busy playing the rich and upper class lady she also finds out about Erics drinking habits. Mrs. Birling learnt nothing from the experience of the inspectors visit this shows that she was very ignorant and rude during the duration of his stay, but she may learn one point from his visit and that would be too keep quiet and keep the information to herself. She is not willing to discuss people of a lower class than her so she only hears what she wants to hear she only likes to know she is better than them and that she can overrule them. Gerald is the son of Birlings rival industrialist, Sir George Croft. He is calm and collective all the time no matter where he is or what situation in which he is upon he is polite and tactful with Mr and Mrs Birling. Gerald is around thirty so he is older than Sheila and Eric. He is trusted with the secret of Arthur Birlings possible knighthood, Gerald also has views on how a factory should be run and how the workers who work inside it are treated and the importance of breaking even or making a profit are all also in the interests of Mr Birling. Gerald also supports the reasoning with which Mr Birling Justifies Eva Smith sacking from the firm. Gerald met Eva again but she had changed her name to Daisy Renton Gerald saves her from the awkward situation with Alderman. Gerald helps Eva/Daisy out however his intensions go astray as he found her attractive from the start and allowed his feelings to develop, he felt affection for Eva/Daisy but admits that her feelings for him were much stronger than his feelings were for her. He only offered her temporary help and when he left her he gave her money to help her start a new life. The fact that Gerald made Eva/Daisy happy for a while made him regret the way in which he had used her but he does not have such a deep response as Sheila does to the inspectors message. He acts on his superstitions, and as a result he is the one who begins the chain of events leading to the feeling of certainty that Goole had been an imposter. Eric Birling is not quite at ease, hes half shy but half assertive. He does not seem to have his fathers approval on the views he has his father just pushes his ideas aside and doesnt take him very seriously. His father does not keep him up to date about his possible knighthood and when Eric really needed help he felt that he couldnt talk to his father because he thought that he couldnt turn to his father because he didnt think his father was the kind of man that a chap could talk about his problems too. Eric has forced his way into Evas home and got her pregnant and he also stolen money from his family, obviously his parents didnt know this but they also found out that he also drinks too much. Like Sheila he feels sympathy for Eva Smith as soon as he hears how Mr Birling had sacked her. When he has to admit how he behaved towards her he has a stronger sense of guilt than the other because the consequences of what he did are so much worse. It is not surprising that he turns violently on his mother when he learns how she had refused to help the girl. He curses his mother and accuses her of killing both the girl and the child. He had also been rude to his farther earlier and his rudeness to his parents increases the more he drinks. So we can get a picture in our head of what the defenseless girl felt when Eric was so drunk. Eric appears to have learnt very little from his privileged education. Eric is one of the ones who have been impressed by the inspector he wants his parents to admit their mistakes as freely as he has admitted his. Even though we can see he has an aggressive side it appears he his learnt a lesson from the inspectors visit and is sincerely ashamed of his behavior and is capable like Sheila for changing for the better. So the question is How does priestly present the character of Goole, if he is not a real policeman, why has he come to visit the Birlings? What are the results of his visit? Well the inspector is introduced when the Birlings are having a celebration, this interruption spoils the celebration and takes away the party spirit that was there before the inspector turned up, the inspector is introduced as an inspector from the local constabulary the constabulary that Mr Birling knows very well, this is why he questions him about which constabulary he is from. The inspector talks with sarcasm to the family at first as they are very rude and demanding, once everyone settled he became more at ease and so did the family. But what if he wasnt a real policeman? Then why has he come to the Birlings? This is simple even if he wasnt a policeman he could have came to point out the conflict that is going on between the family and also the hurt and pain that they are constantly putting Eva through but dont know it, this Goole character might be acting in the best interests of Eva he might be a close friend or relation who cares for her and dont want to see her get any more hurt than she already is. Goole wants us to think open mindedly about his character, in some ways he makes us think he isnt a real inspector and in others he tries to influence us into believing him, this is what got the information out of the Birlings by doing this confused them about what he was, this way once one person started talking then they all started but obviously some were sharp with the inspector. Eva and Eric at the end of the play seem sympathy for Eva Gerald is stuck in the middle by being caring and ignorant (he is neither ignorant or caring he is in the middle of everything) Mr Mrs Birling are two cold hearted people who only care about what they can make for themselves, they low down at lower class people as if they dont exist. So overall the inspectors visit has changed Sheilas and Erics attitudes he has shown them what they have caused and they are now sorry and sympathetic, they are willing to change for the better as for Mr and Mrs Birling we can only say that the only thing that they have learnt is to be quiet in the future when inspectors ask them questions they learnt nothing from the inspectors visit whatsoever , Gerald is stuck in the middle of everything he neither feels sympathetic or argumentative hes a person who has strong views but also strong feelings. So overall this makes us feel that the Birlings household have been a very sad family from the start, they need to open up to each other and share their feelings, they need to get things off their mind if anything is bothering them by doing this Eric would not have had to turn to alcohol for answers.

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International Retail Market Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

International Retail Market Development - Essay Example When, as a strategic goal, a firm wishes to expand its retail operations, it chooses to go abroad as soon as it sees its local market being saturated. This concept ha been better described with the help of many models and theories. Other motivators for internationalization are resource seeking, market seeking, efficiency seeking and strategic asset seeking. Resource seeking and market seeking are usually motivators for a firm’s initial internationalization strategy, while the other two are for sequential internationalization. Moreover, there are a number of factors that need to be considered by retailers before expanding overseas. These are factors, if considered appropriately, will determine success or failure. These typically include selecting the right market, knowing how much to adapt, getting the timing right, having a strong store brand image, and controlling the supply chain. H&M focuses most on getting their information right about the selected market and the attractiveness of this market. Another very important factor that would determine success is the mode of market entry chosen. There are a number of modes of foreign entry but the most common ones are licensing, franchising which has significantly increased the number of retailers expanding overseas and joint ventures. There are many others such as acquisition, mergers and contracts, but are not a part of the scope of this paper. In the past, retailers were thought of as localized entities that had little power (Alexander, 2009, pp.3). However, recently - in the past 20 years, this perception and way of operation has changed, and the existing concepts are no longer fit keeping in mind the recent changes (Dawson, 2006). One of the recent popular retailer strategies is ‘Retail Internationalization’, whereby, a retailer, like many manufacturing firms, decides to go international – or have operations in more than one country (Dawson, 2006; Alexander,

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The Strategic Planning Process Scenario Analysis Essay

The Strategic Planning Process Scenario Analysis - Essay Example Eastern Hills’ capacity for change at the time Principal Jones assumed office was remarkable. The long tenures of the majority of the faculty are one important indicator of Eastern Hills’ capacity for change. Long tenures provide the faculty with essential knowledge that can work to the advantage of Principal Jones’ endeavor to bring about change in the school’s community. Responsiveness of the school and surrounding community is one other important attribute that points to the capacity for change for Eastern Hills (Green, 2013). To assess Principal Jones’ approach to the introduction of change to Eastern Hills’ faculty, one would need to consider his devotion and commitment to analyze the faculty. This analysis helped establish such important information about the faculty including ethnic origin, tenure, and frequency of subject area change. Consideration of teacher evaluation is another important element in assessing Principal Jones’ approach of introducing change in the faculty. An instance that indicates the manner in which Principal Jones’ developed is the alertness that his ideas elicited in the members of the faculty. This alertness is seen in the questions that members of the faculty rose with him and one can already see the genesis of change (Green, 2013). One of the things that illustrated Principal Jones’ knowledge and understanding of information sources is his selection of student records, proficiency test scores, state standards, disciplinary reports, attendance records, and curriculum guides as his sources of information. Mobilization of teachers to help compile data from these sources demonstrated his data collection skills. His initiative to analyze the data collected synthesizing it using tables characterizes his methodical strategies for program development. His creative way of informing the faculty of his intended plans and his provocative way of

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Role of Elders in the Asian Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Role of Elders in the Asian Culture - Essay Example Families, communities, societies, and nations have been promoted by the elderly people during their lives. More importantly, children are educated, cared, and nurtured by the parents and elders in the Asian culture. Therefore, parents deserve comfort, love, and respect throughout their lives from their youngsters and children. In other words, caring and respecting elders and parents is the moral and ethical obligation of children in the Asian region. In this regard, it is the responsibility of elders to take care of their youngsters, love them, and keep guiding them throughout their lives. On the other hand, American or British culture allows the individuals to start making their own decisions in their adolescent age, which is very contrary with the norms and values of the Asian culture. For instance, teachers are often allowed to be strict with the young students in Asian schools, or elders often treat youngsters in a harsh way, which is very different, as compared with the American culture. (Blackkaby, 1998) In brief, role that is played by old people is affected significantly by the cultural differences, as role and respect changes to a higher extent in different cultures. (Huntington, 2000) In East-Asian culture, a notable tradition is specifically practiced in this region, which is referred as filial piety. China, Japan, and Korea are some of the cultures that have the dominated practice of such practice. Care for the elderly is the most imperative and foremost obligation of this tradition. (Lee, 2004) Moreover, elderly people in these cultures play a guiding role to nurture their youngsters in an emotional, as well as, spiritual manner. In the Asian context, parents and elders must provide shelter, care, and assistance to the youngsters in emotional, as well as, financial manner, which is once again, contrary to the Western culture, which obligates

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Industrialized Building System (IBS) | Literature Review

Industrialized Building System (IBS) | Literature Review CHAPTER 2:Â  LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Introduction The objectives of this chapter will identify and study into the details and provide the literature review of Industrialized Building System (IBS). In this literature review of building system will also be covered in this chapter. The contents will focus on definitions of IBS, characteristic of building in Malaysia with application of IBS, advantages of IBS and disadvantages of IBS. The 5 types of widely used IBS in Malaysia project will be study in this chapter. In addition, the comparison of suggestion method which use of IBS in different building in Malaysia will be carried out in this chapter. Besides that, the systematic solution by applying IBS in current Malaysia projects which able to reduce waste during construction project life cycle which able to create and heading toward friendly or eco environment compare to conventional method will be carried out in this chapter. 2.1.1 Definition of IBS According to Dietz (1971), in the early literature defined IBS as the whole process of all the subsystems and components make full utilized of industrial production, transport and assembly technology. The IBS system is actually apply in construction industry is mainly to reduce input and generate more output by maximize or fully utilized the production, transportation and assembly during construction stage which indirectly save up a lot of time and costs for the process of above. (Dietz 1971) Meanwhile according Warszawski (1999), IBS defined as a set of interrelated elements, to take collective action that the designated and performance of the building. In additional, IBS is defined as a process of investment in facilities, technology and equipment, to minimize the amount of labour in the site, to improve the quality of building and to increase the speed of construction. From here we noticed that not only time and cost is being save up but indeed quality also can be improve by applying IBS. (Warszawski 1999). According to Parid (1997), IBS defined as a industrialized production technology used by the system, whether in component production or assembly of building. (Parid 1997) The interpretation from Esa et al (1998), IBS as continuous use of the system, so that the manufacturing use end-user to reduce waste of resources and enhance the value of each building craftsmen. (Esa etal 1998) According to CIDB, IBS is a construction process that transferring the substantial activities from site to factory where the building components are manufacture in factory then delivery to site and assembled at site. This is the process that involve prefabricated the elements of building in factory by using machine or formwork and on-site installation. 2.1.2 Classification of IBS In early stages, Badir (1998) proposed four types in Malaysia with Badir-Razali classification. These building systems which is conventional system, cast in situ system, composite building system and the prefabricated system is shown in Figure 2.1. Each building system is composed of representatives of the respective construction methods, thus further through its construction characteristics of the technology, features and geometry. (Badir 1998) Figure 2.1 : Types of building system according to Badir-Razali classification in Malaysia (Badir 1998) IBS also can be classified according to several aspects: According to structural system According to material According to relative weight of component 2.1.3 Classification according to structural system Panel system The loads are distributes by the large floor and wall panel where the building loads is support by wall in panel system. This system is suitable for those building are required large wall and this system is not suitable to building with large span. Frame system In frame system, the building loads are support by column and beam. The walls used is required light and easy to fix and concrete panels are introduces as flooring element. Box system The box systems is include those systems that make use of three-dimensional modules or boxes for fabrication of habitable units that are able of withstanding load from various directions due to their internal stability. 2.1.4 Classification according to material Timber The prefabrication of timber consists of two types which are ready-cut plus shop fabrication of joints (column and beam) and structural panels only consists of walls and floors without column and beam. Steel All the steel elements are prefabricated in factory then only transport to site to joints by welding or bolting at site. The large proportion of the strength to the weight allows a long-span or high-rise building. Reinforced concrete Reinforced concrete has high degree of availability, durability, low material cost and fire resistance. There are two basic trends in development of reinforced concrete IBS components which are precast frame members such as columns and beams and panelised components such as walls and floors. Brick and block Brick and block for IBS are prefabricate and lay in factory then only transported to site and last erected at site. With this will ease the construction works at site. 2.1.5 Classification according to relative weight of component IBS components can be classified according to relative weight. Majzub explained that the relative weight of components should be used as a basis for building classification because the factor of weight has significant impact on the transportability of components and has influence on the production method of the components and their erection method at site. Table 1 is shown the building systems classification according to relative weight of component. (Majzub, 1977) Table 1: Classification according to relative weight of components (Majzub, 1977) 2.1.6 Types of IBS and apply to building in Malaysia Based on CIDB (2003) the classification of IBS in Malaysia is broken down into five categories, which is a precast concrete frame panel and box system, steel formwork system, steel framing system, block work system and timber frame system . IBS is a construction process that use of technology, products, components and on-site installation of building system. From the structural classification five of IBS display section, which are mainly classified according to some modifications, the main groups in Malaysia by CIDB. (CIDB 2003) Precast Concrete Framing, Panel and box system Precast concrete components are the most common prefabricated elements in Malaysia. The precast concrete elements are the concrete product that manufactured in a controlled environment and being transported to the construction site for installation. There are precast concrete for columns, slabs, lightweight precast concrete, permanent concrete formwork, and beams. Besides that, it also consists of 3-D components such as staircases, toilet, balconies, lift chamber and etc. High degree of flexibility is one of the advantages of the system in regards of larger of larger clear span between column, resulting in wider open space and freedom of greater areas. Precast concrete wall system consisting og precast floor and load-bearing walls of building. The load-bearing walls and slabs are transfer to construction site for erected. The system is preferred simple and easy flexibility with due to the restriction of removal of load bearing will making it a lesser degree of flexibility. The carefully good coordination and design between builders and designer, the erection process is very fast, and the number of wet trade in the field can be reduced significantly. Steel Formwork Systems This is the system formwork which is designed by manufacturer to replace a conventional timber formwork. The steel formwork is manufactured in the plant and then assembled on construction site. The steel reinforcement and service conduit will be installed on site before the steel formworks are installed. the installation is very easy by using simple support system. It can be described as a mould which the wet concrete can be poured into the mould and form the required shape, these steel formwork systems are subjected to quality control. This type of IBS method is considered as the low level in the construction industry. The steel formwork system that used in beams, permanent steel formworks, tunnel forms and column moulding forms. Steel Framing Systems Steel is a strong rigid materials, suitable for a high degree of flexibility across the structure of long term construction and rehabilitation of the architectural details of the framework construction. The components of steel framing system are rolled into standardized sizes. The component are then manufactured which involves cutting, drilling, shot blasting, welding and painting. Steel frames are erected, welding and the tightening of bolt after they are fabricated. The steel framing systems has been a popular choice, and is widely used in fast track construction project, the system commonly used with precast concrete slab, steel columns and beams. Prefabricated Timber Framing System In the early 1970s, single storey low cost terrace houses mostly built of pure timber frame and wood which sitting on three feet high plastered brick walls and taking advantages of simple raft foundation due to the high weight superstructure. These prefabricated timber framing systems is using the timber in the construction industry for the building. Usually the timber framing system are consists of timber building frames and timber roof trusses. Steel plate is being used during prefabrication of timber to join members of truss. All members needs to be treated with anti pest chemical. Block Work Systems The time consuming traditional brick laying tasks are generally simplified by using block work systems. Interlocking concrete masonry units (CMU) and lightweight concrete blocks are involved in block work system. Fabricated and cured of the components take place in the plant. The elements are normally used as bricks in structures and interlocking concrete block pavement 2.1.7 Advantages of IBS for public housing There are many advantages of implementing IBS. according to CIDB (2003), compares to conventional method. Following are brief descriptions on a number of advantages where using IBS for the public housing:- Advantages Description Reduce construction time IBS will requires less construction time Because both the site work and the fabrication of element can take place concurrently work at site only the erection of IBS components. So, this leads to earlier occupation of the building. Save cost Reducing on-site workers significantly labor cost for contractors. (Wisam 2005). Minimizing cost of transferring waste materials due to quality control and reducing waste material. (Noraini 2009). Exemption of the Construction Levy for housing developers who utilize IBS components exceeding than 70%. (CIDB 2005). Provides earlier occupation of the building, thus reducing interest payment or capital outlays (Peng, 1986 cited in Mian, A.T.E, 2006). Saving in labour Because the IBS components are produced in factory and higher degree of using machine so will reduce of labour dependency of labour and cut down the cost of labour. According to Abraham Warszawski (1999), the labour savings in prefabricated elements may amount to about 80% of their conventional requirement. So, will reduced the total foreign workers need in the construction industry. Optimized use of materials Higher degree of precision and accuracy in the production can be achieve by using machine to produce IBS components and consequently reduce material wastage. So, the wastage at site will be reduced if using the IBS. High quality and better finishes Quality control is an ever-increasing requirement in all construction. Controlled environment in factor, superior material selection and high mechanized technology lead to high quality controlled products. (Din 1984). High aesthetic end products through the processes of controlled prefabrication and simplified installations has maintained and ensured the quality of work in the construction industry (CIDB-(2), 2003 cited in Mian, A.T.E, 2006). Better quality control since production in factory is under heltered environment. Better quality will reduce the maintenance expenses because prefabricated components require less repair and preventive maintenance. Construction operation less affected by weather The fabrication of IBS components will not be effected by climate changes it is done in factory and only erection of the components take place on site Faster project completion due to rapid progress under all weather construction. Flexibility Different systems may use different prefabrication construction methods. IBS will provide more flexibility in the deign of precast element. By the flexibility in Architectural design (Warszawski, 1999). Increase site safety and neatness This method neater and safer site condition can be obtain thru this method. Promote safe and systematic factory working environment as minimal workers, materials and construction waste is requires on site. (CIDB 2003). Construction process can be less thru using IBS components especially for the wet work at site. 2.1.8 Disadvantages of IBS for public Housing Although there are a lot of advantages of IBS, however there are limitations for this system to be use too. Nothing in this world is perfect, so as using IBS. disadvantages of IBS are as follows:- Disadvantages description High initial capital cost The initial capital cost of IBS is usually higher than conventional method. The initial cost is includes the casting beds, cost of constructing the factory and support machinery. This method only can be achieved when undertaking large demand for housing project. Problem of joints These methods are very sensitive to the errors and sloppy work. Water leakage between joints is often the major problem when IBS is being used. This problem is clearer in Malaysia where raining occur rapidly throughout the year. Sophisticated plants and skilled operators The prefabrication system relies heavily on sophisticated plant, when skilled operators are required to the fabrication process coordinate and maintain. The entire project would be on a stand still if any of the section breakdown. Site accessibility One of the most important factors of the implementation of IBS is the site accessibility. IBS requires sufficient site accessibility to transport IBS components from factory to the site. According to Warszawski (1999), the transportations cost of prefabricated elements from plant to their construction site, amount to 3% to 5% of their total cost for distances not exceeding 50kn to 100km. Large working area Building construction using IBS required a large working area for the tower crane, factory, storage and trailers for the IBS components. Most construction in order areas are often congested and fail to provide the area required.

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Amazing Grace Essay -- essays research papers

Amazing Grace, written by Jonathan Kozol.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  At first glance, it seems that the author is going to take us on yet another journalistic ride through the land of the poor. Similar to the ones you read about, or hear in the news. However, this is not the case; the real underlying theme is what is society doing about the plight of the poor? Kozol uses the views of children to emphasize that these reports on living conditions are not being obtained by â€Å"disgruntled† adults, but from innocent, learning children whose only misfortune was being born to this particular area.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The author takes us from the seventh richest congressional district in the nation (being E 59th Street in New York City) to the poorest in the nation. A mere eighteen-minute ride by subway to the South Bronx, to a little place called Mott Haven; where the median family income for the 48000 residents is only $7,600. An area known for crack-cocaine and heroin; prostitution; poor hospital care, where one-quarter of new mothers tested in obstetric wards are HIV positive; and the police say is the deadliest precinct in the city.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Kozol writes about the trials and tribulations of everyday â€Å"normal† life for the children and people who live here. Normal for them however is quite different than it is for most of us. Living with drug dealers, pollution, poor hospital care and an abominable education system not to mention the social system of the city, is the â€Å"norm† for these children. In his interviews with the children of this squalid neighborhood, we find that the children speak honestly and freely about their feelings. Forgotten, hidden, abandoned, are just some of the words that come to mind. One boy named â€Å"Malcolm X† wears his hair in a style referred to as â€Å"25 years to life†. His sister asks â€Å"Like in prison..? This is how you want to wear your hair?† His reply †You don’t have to be in jail to be in prison†. This is just one of many examples given to show the reader the effects that this environment has upon you ths.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  As we read further, we find that there are multitudes of problems inherent within the South Bronx. One of the only ways of determining where these problems stem from is by looking at the possible reasons as to why they exist. Drugs, violence, AIDS infections, are not new, ... ... must use more education targeted towards social issues in their schools and community to help people learn to live healthier lifestyles. They must make it known that drug dealing and violence are not â€Å"all right†, and to help people obtain some sort of unity. The well known community members need to get involved in politics so that their voices can be heard and let the City know their communities needs/requirements. Creating support groups for people with AIDS, ex-addicts, people who have lost a family member, also for people who just need a place to talk and get their frustrations out would help the community as a whole. If the people of the South Bronx would act as a community bound together to help themselves and each other, there would be less tolerance for deviant behavior among its’ members. The City must also be made more accountable for its’ actions. Clean-up and reconstruction of Times Square to Battery Park is a step in the right direction. How ever, painting a mural of â€Å"†¦ flowers, window shades and curtains and interiors of pretty-looking rooms†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (p. 31) on the walls of empty buildings in the Bronx, just to give the illusion that this area is a good neighborhood, is not.