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Structured Sentencing in North Carolina Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

structured Sentencing in North Carolina - Essay Example little severe crimes that do not involve victim automobile trunk injury or threat to body injury is assigned lowest classes composition crimes involving victim injury is assigned highest classes. Misdemeanor crimes ar classify in to four categories ( social class AI, Class I, Class 2 and Class 3). Class AI is the most stern while Class 3 is the least serious misdemeanor crime (Tonry 86). Structured sentencing is based on several core tenets. One of the principles is rationality of the sentence. The sentencing should consider the severity of the hatred as indicated by the disablement suffered by the victim and also the criminal record of the wrongdoer. Another principle is truthfulness. Early parole releases should be avoided since the jail term should be closed related to the sentence natterd by the courts. Another principle of structured sentencing is consistency. The sentence received by offenders with similar ante cedent criminal record and convicted for the same offense should be the same. The last principle is resource prioritization (North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory missionary station 3). The sentencing should be accompanied by adequate prison and community-based resources. Prisons and jail terms should take priority for violent crimes or repeat offenders while community-based rehabilitation programs should first be utilized for the non-violent crimes, and for offenders with no prior criminal record (Tonry 86). Felon offenses are classified in to six prior record levels starting from Level I for offenders with no prior criminal conviction to Level VI for severe felonies involving violence and numerous prior criminal records, and convictions (Tonry 89). Structured sentencing in North Carolina has three sentencing levels. The levels include the active sentencing that involve jail terms, intermediate sentencing that involve manage probation and community sentencing that may inv olve community service, restitution and fines. Active sentencing is done for high offense classes and felonies with numerous prior records. Judges may impose active, community penalization or intermediate punishment for convictions of Class AI misdemeanors regardless of the past criminal record. Class 1, 2 and 3 misdemeanors, the Judge may impose a community punishment regardless of the prior criminal history (North Carolina Sentencing and Policy Advisory Commission 8). Offenders serving a jail term of more than 90 days are incarcerated at the landed estate prison system while those serving less than 90 days of jail term, are incarcerated in County jail system (Tonry 73). Intermediate punishment requires the offenders to undergo manage probation. The first type of intermediate punishment is the split sentence, whereby the convict will serve a jail term followed and later undergo supervised probation (Tonry 85). Another type is the Electronic house arrest whereby the convicted off ender will be confined in one area and monitored through the use of computer technology. The third type is intensive supervision where the convicted offender is closely supervised and monitored. The fourth type is the residential center, which is a extremely structured program requiring all-night residence of the convicted offender. Another type of intermediate punishment is the Day reporting center, this involve a highly structured and close supervision program during the day and in

American football Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

American football - Essay ExampleThe plucky evolved as new of rules were set including the introduction of the snap, the downs concept, the neutral zone and legalization of the forward pass. The introduction of the snap caused the unexpected development of the block hazard where a team would take for hold on the ball indefinitely to keep the other team from scoring. To prevent this practice from fair the norm, a rule change was necessary. There was the introduction of three downs or tackles to advance the ball phoebe bird yards or forfeiture of ball control to the other team. The rule probably stopped the game from decorous boring and fading into the confines of other less popular sports. Rules were also developed to specify knit stitch size and a scoring system to be used by teams during play. It clear from the evolution and modification of the rules and guidelines of the game that American foot was growing to be a popular sport among many people. professional football was first recorded when William heffelfinger was paid 500 Dollars to play a game in 1892. after that, it became app arent that there needed to be rules to govern how people overstepled this aspect. Fortunately, there was the rise of the NFL that has reigned over the game for a long time. Despite its disadvantages, professional play may have improved the standard of the game by making sure that only the best players compete professionally.In a team, there are three major backfield positions, namely the quarterback, the halfback and the fullback. The quarterback leads the offense and calls the plays. He usually takes the snap and may hand off the ball, throw it or run with it. Consequently, quarterbacks have sometimes been seen as the most important players in the team. The halfback or tailback usually carries the ball during running plays. He may also be a receiver. A fullback primarily acts as a blocker but may sometimes act as a runner the for short distance situations. The center lea ds the

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Manifest Destiny & Frederick Jackson Turners frontier thesis Essay

Manifest Destiny & Frederick Jackson Turners frontier thesis - Essay exampleOn the other hand, the Frontier Thesis as released by Frederick Jackson Turner in 1893 maintain that American development was explicated by the existence of a free land, its constant recession, as well as westward advancement of the American settlement (Turner 56). This concept was said to depend on Darwinism concept of survival of the fittest for the fittest, where primitive political and economic conditions of the frontier shad to evolve into complex city life.Frederick Turners American identity epitomizes Manifest Destiny from the perspective of Anglo-Americans. This is attributed to the fact that Turner describes Americans as strong in individualisation and selfishness, with nervous energy, coarseness and strength, and inherent expansive power. In his research, Turner established that the selfish and individual qualities lineament of Anglo-Americans forced them to push westward thus, claiming land an d expanding democracy.The terms are extremely important in the US history. This is attributed to the fact that they give historians apparatuses that facilitate the using of tender history as the basis for all economic, social and economic developments in the American history. Additionally, they give guidelines on the path American democracy has followed in its human race and

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2 options will send Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

2 options will send - Essay Example some mountain are religious and have established a relationship between their social humankind in the society and the unexplainable powerful force. Given that the society is made of culture and organized religion, it can be concluded that there is an existing relationship between material culture and religion. As examined in this article, religion might be impoverished by ignoring the material aspect of culture (Smart 1998, p. 51).Culture is used by people in the society to refer to symbols, customs and habits of a given group of people in the society. It is also used in some cases to depict things passed on from one generation to the other in the society. material culture is a term employed in the description of the archeological artifacts of the society. Culture is specifiable to the behaviors and actions of the members of a society. For instance, the Irish culture could be said to be determine by their language focus and religion, which is Catholic. Therefore, other things in the society such as language, beliefs, norms and symbolism could also identify culture (Foucault & Carrette (1999, p. 86).Material culture involves material things and symbols used in a given society. The material things include artifacts that are archeologically identified and utilized for various purposes as identified by the society. Some of the materials culture identified with some cultures includes the homes that people live in, businesses, churches and Penticton. On the contrary, to the material culture, non-material culture may also include the values of people and ethical motive apart from the language, norms and symbols as indicated earlier. The physical substances representing culture do not work alone and require non-material culture. For instance, visual perception objects does not make meaning unless one reads and understands the meaning of the object, something facilitated using language (Smart 1998, p. 75).The examination of

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Econ of Arts and Entertainment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Econ of Arts and Entertainment - Essay shellAn example of such issues is the labor market issue. Using the sports effort as an example of an art associate industry, this paper aims at discussing the labor market issues in the sports industry.One of the main things that attract spectators to sports is the fact that they forget be able to experience some aspects of struggles that are common in human lives in a dramatic and stark way. However, economists can be attracted to sports for reasons that are different from those of the spectators. To economists they see sports as an industry with the efficiency to illust regularise the economic principles in an attractive and interesting way. Over the years the labor aspect of the sports industry has gradually grown to become to a greater extent and more complex (Burk 173). It has gotten to a place when been involved in professional sports without commercializing it is no longer attractive. This trend can be illustrated by the way soccer teams globally have to spend more on their players in site to make sure that they attract more fans which will result to more income. If a team chooses not to spend more in order to hire the best players in the market, they will be competitively disadvantaged making them less attractive. translate and demand of labor are aspects that should be keenly observed in any industry, especially during these eld of economic hardships and uncertainty. This applies to the sports industry. It is important to note that the demand for labor in the sports industry can influence that rate of payment for human labor. The payment can also vary in terms of individual mobility, racial discrimination, personal productivity, and availability of substitutes. Property rights can affect the supply of sports talent. Collective agreements like payroll caps, abandon order drafts, and revenue sharing can be used to control such forces (Rosner and Shropshire 137).Under regulation

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Labor & Management Relations Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Labor & Management relations - Research Paper ExampleAs for employees, the job market in the linked States has been turned spinning top down in the last couple of years, as a major result of the economic garboil facing the country (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011). According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2011), the average unemployment rate across the United States remained steady for February and March 2011 at an estimated 8.8%. Thus, while working for a company like Wal-Mart may non be ideal, it may be one of the few forms of employment that many Americans are able to doctor under the current economic circumstances facing the country today (Glasmeier, 2006). Unfortunately, the retailer is taking manifest advantage of the desperation of customers and employees. In remaining a major force in the retail industry, gaining major power through the economic crisis on multiple levels, the actual costs behind its low prices are by all odds not a part of the organizations publi cized marketing strategy (MSNBC, 2005). ... These customers do not need to be made to feel badly about their shopping experience, Wal-Mart has an opportunity that they are flunk to realize. At this point, they have a massive market share, which will most likely return to what it was precedent to the 2008 economic collapse, in the next couple of years when the economy bounces back from its brief devastation base on historical data (Microsoft, 2011). However, without implementing a training program that drives customer loyalty through employee satisfaction, Wal-Mart has the potential difference to lose their significant gain, to competitors like Target, when unemployment rates are down and the economy is booming once once more (Microsoft, 2011). Thus, this paper will examine the many reports of federal law violations and unacceptable human beings rights standards to which the big-box retailer has bring forth accustomed in its time of economic prosper and impermanent power. Accor ding to Cram (2005), In 2002, 43 distinct charges were filed against Wal-Mart for violations of the National Labor dealing Act and since 1995, 60 complaints have been filed against Wal-Mart with the National Labor Relations Board. In response to these charges, this paper will also recommend implementation of a training bear that will ultimately help to improve the image of Wal-Mart in the eyes of its most important assets, its human resources. Assessment The number of employee complaints and lawsuits against Wal-Mart for its poor, and in some cases illegal, employment and employee relations practices that have been steadily rising end-to-end the past decade, makes this problem worthy of addressing particularly at the local level where managers have

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PV system Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PV system - Assignment Exampleh. power storage solar power mint be put away in solar batteries and warm thermal solar frameworks for warming homes. At the point when there is sort out, the panels charge the batteries. Amid the night and climate conditions without the sun, the batteries are utilized to power the lightings (Conservative critic).(a) It is the design that expands the pull together of vitality from solar sources from a large territory. It is attained by concentrating solar radiation from a vast region into a PV cell. It fundamentally lessens on the measure of the silicon wafer that is put into the generation of power.(b) Concentrating beams from the light is high hat accomplished by utilizing mirrors and lenses a procedure termed as optical force. Then again, a glass windowpane built with light substances in a methodology called luminescent concentration.(C) By guaranteeing that a lot of light from an unfathomable zone falls on a little PV cell, less measure of sili con is infallible to create and deliver high measures of energy subsequently lessening generation cost. For the luminescent concentration, the sheet of luminescent substance reradiates light, which wind up inside the glass. The reflection brought on falls on the PV cells to create power. The setup obliges that silicon wafer is just made utilization of on the move ons. Productivity is a component considered from over edge as it prompts expanded proficiency (Ferowich).Ferowich, Grant. Solar Power Cost and Reliability Make It the Perfect vital force Source. 31 MAY 2013. 4 OCT 2014